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5 days until the Crown Road Community Christmas Fair!

Screenshot%202015-11-08%2022.17.33.png And if you’re looking for a truly unique Christmas gift, then Amanda Wilkinson of Crown Road Antiques Boutique Vintage and Velvet will have something for you!

The Brazen-Foxes of St Margarets

At least, summer is on its way – I can’t wait until the days are long again, the shrubbery is dense and there are all those picnic leftovers from the washed out concerts in the Marble Hill Park. Oh and the good news is that Kinnock has got in to our first choice school. The bad news is that he got…

Crown Classic Cars


Classic cars need that special bit of TLC that is borne out of an appreciation of their beauty. We have a rare expertise and a passionate enthusiasm that translates into high quality workmanship for our customers, whether repairing, restoring or fitting new parts. But we don’t just take care of your classic…