Here's the full story behind the vintage police vehicles that came to the Crown Rd Community Christmas Fair on Sunday 6th December,

by our PCSO Eugenia Venour. Thank you, Eugenia and colleagues for coming to our fair!

“On Sunday 6th December 2015, St Margaret’s and North Twickenham Local Police attended the Crown Road Christmas Fair. St Margaret’s Team attended with two vintage vehicles, an Austin 1100 and Land Rover Defender. The two vintage vehicles were very popular and attracted a lot of families.

The vehicles were driven all the way from Hendon on Friday night. Every thing was working fine till the end of the fair, due to the lights and sirens being used on the Land Rover throughout the day the battery went dead. This was then kindly jump started by a member of the public but on the way back to Hendon the officers came across an accident on Hanger Lane having to stop to assist using the Land Rover to fend off traffic with it’s warning lights activated. Unfortunately it broke down and officers resorted to flagging down the AA who managed to get it started again. Officers then continued their journey before the Land Rover broke down again while on a dual carriageway. A Police Traffic unit was dispatched to save the day and towed the Land Rove and the officers back to Hendon where it will be repaired. The officers commented saying ‘these days we’re glad we get to drive slightly more reliable Police vehicles’.

The Trader’s Association and residents were grateful to have the Local Police at the fair and found it a very positive and valuable experience.”