This weekend's Bearcat Comedy Club Offerings...

This just in from th Bearcat Comedy Club at the Turks Head:

“Sat 12th September - LAST SHOW BEFORE RWC…!

Hello - It’s the END of our Mini-Season already as we take a back seat for the RWC!

We end with a Gigantic Comedy show which you Dare Not Miss…!…

(Wink wink emoticon - back in November…)

BOB MILLS - Giant - Quite simply Brilliant - veteran of TV and Radio and Stage and just FUNNY as… -

IAN STONE - Giant of Hilarious Topical and Cute Observational Comedy - Top Ten in anyone’s list -

BEN NORRIS - Giant of laddish middleclass haughtiness - and that’s not easy! -

PHIL JERROD - Giant Beard - elegant rants - tipped for the top -

And introducing in the short spot: BECKY WRIGHT…

Tickets to this GIANT of a show can be reserved via the website: