New Packages from Don't Buy Her Flowers!

This just in From DBHF:

“I’m very excited to introduce a NEW Don’t Buy Her Flowers package. When I was having Buster I remember my older (wiser) sister saying something about not having a hot cup of tea for a while. ‘How hard can it be?’ I thought. And there followed a few months of boiling the kettle but forgetting to pour it, then pouring it but forgetting to drink it, and finding out that microwaved hot drinks are just not the same, especially when you microwave them multiple times because…you keep forgetting. There’s also the worry of spillage with a baby around, and being unable to stop to buy a hot drink when out and about with the pram for fear of the baby waking. So, what’s needed is a LIDDED THERMOS MUG.
Introducing the Some Like It Hot Package. Thermos mug, with a choice of 4 colours, with delicious Cartwright and Butler butter shortbread. There is the option to add teapigs Tea or Kokoa Collection Hot Chocolate, and a second mug can be included to make this a gift for two.
Have a look, share around if you like it, and THANK YOU for all the support since we started on this slightly bonkers journey ten months ago.”