Thank you Chase Buchanan!

for sponsoring the stage and live music at the Crown Road community Summer Fair last week, brought to you by The St Margarets Traders Association!

Did you see the live bands in the St Margarets Tavern’s car park all day? We had
The Zero Hours, Garage Racer, The All Beats, The Fades, Skaletrix and Sugar T and the Swells! Huge thanks to all of them; they were all brill’!

The man responsible for tailoring this line-up to your musical needs is our very own Neil Birkett of Birkett’s Bespoke! And it’s all made possible by the generous sponsorship of St Margarets Traders Association members Chase Buchanan! Party-on Neil, and Party-on Chase Buchanan! Thank you!

Finally, we need to thank “gorgeous” Gary Flynn of London Network Scaffolding for making our stage: THANKS GARY!