Le Salon Privé is Now Open at 43 Crown Road!

Come and see the refurbished restaurant, formerly Brula, in St Margarets, TW1 3EJ, serving classic French dishes such as Chateaubriand, lemon sole, escargots, Bourguignon, creme brûlée, tarte tatin and many more interesting dishes.

They have two beautiful private rooms for any special occasions.

Call them on 0208 892 0602 and find out more on their new website, here.

Le Salon Privé: Private dining in a Classic French restaurant.

Have a look at their menu below…


There are great offers such as rump steak and frites plus a glass of wine for £10, everyday between 12 and 7pm; a classic breafast menu; and delicious lobster and frites for £25: