A new workshop from Botanica Medica!

News just in from Botanica Medica…

“Workshop learning about the herbs of Spring:

During this lovely day we look at and learn about the common herbs of spring time (and also some villainous weeds). We discuss herbs to assist detoxification, hayfever and sinus congestion, relaxation, headaches, and much more. We begin the day with a walk through beautiful Hampshire countryside, and afterwards we return to Jo’s herbal garden where we enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch and fully the discuss the virtues of the herbs and how to use them in your home.

Advanced booking only please.

Price per person: £80.00 Includes a delicious lunch, afternoon tea and home-made cake, and comprehensive notes.
Date: Sunday, 17th May
When: 10.00 - 16h30
Where: Hampshire near Petersfield”

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