Local Girl to Film New Diesel Ad Campaign!

Local girl Kate, manager at Cutters (open 8am - 7pm weekdays, 9am - 7pm Sunday) has been signed-up to film the new ad campaign for fashion/lifestyle brand Diesel!

After her work on the Cutters advertising campaign was spotted by Diesel execs, she was headhunted and will now shoot a series of 24 short films advertising the company’s new range of pants.

From Cutters, “The Shop That Sells Everything” at 28 Crown Road, Kate told us; “I always find that my short films really get people thinking and asking questions. For example, people see my ads for Cutters and ask me questions like ‘are you okay?’ and ‘is everything alright?’

“My work is characterised by dynamic camera work and perfectly-suited soundtracks, and this is obviously something the Diesel guys are into. When they said they wanted me to work for them, I negotiated my fee and got assurance that I’d have complete artistic freedom”.

Adam from Cutters says; “We’re really proud of Kate and her great videos that she does for us. Sometimes I watch them and think ‘why doesn’t she turn her cameraphone the right way?’, or ‘what is going on here?’, but that’s clearly because I don’t understand the genius behind her misc-en-scene”.

Here are Kate’s Cutters adverts collected for the first time, with comment by the auteur herself:

Kate: “Easter! a time of new life and new beginnings; powerful themes for a film-maker, and themes I chose to explore by having our talented Sales Assistant Rita wear bunny ears. Think about it…”

Kate: “For this piece I wanted to bring the meaning behind the banana holders to the fore: Power. Life. Love. It’s all here in this thought-provoking short”

Kate:”Bruce the dog is the De Niro to my Scorsese, he’s such a complete performer.”

Kate: “‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’ is a little saying I invented when I got a bit scared during the editing process of this film”.

Kate: The power of the LED candles really shines through here. it took me 35 takes to get this angle right, but I’m really happy with the shot. And the candles, they’re great man!”

Kate: “For this challenging short I really used the motion of the camera to hghlight the value of the Cutters sale lines. Movement, sales, poetry… this is life.”

Kate: “‘ah l’amour’, as the Spanish say. This is my most love-centred work, and perhaps the one I love the most.”

Kate: “Such a lively soundtrack… it took me several months to compose and record, and several more to recover afterwards, but it was worth it I think.”