Volunteers wanted!

From streetlife.com

“Some local residents have mentioned to the council that they feel that Isleworth Promenade is in need of a tidy up.
We have co-organised a volunteer action weekend on Friday 1st August and Sunday 3rd August to do something about it.
We will cut back some of the overgrowth blocking the river views, to try and make this a more pleasant area for residents to enjoy. This is supported by the Council’s Village Planning and we invite you to join us in this activity. All practical management will be done to maximise biodiversity whilst keeping views to the river open, and ensure safe navigation on the river.
We hope this will bring the community together, improve the area and perhaps even be the first step to setting up a ‘Friends of The Isleworth Promenade’ group. Such a group may enable funding to be sought and help continue the restoration of the area’s former glory.
Please do contact us if this prospect excites you and you are able to participate in any way at all.”

Further info is available on our facebook page