The surprise new craze sweeping St Margarets

Cutters of 28 Crown Road have a surprise new best seller: banana holders!

Manager Kate, modelling the banana holder in the video, says; “I love these, and if you’re a banana-fan like me you’ll be tired of your snack bananas getting squished in your bag when you’re on the go. These containers keep your banana firm all day long, without taking up any extra room in your bag. One thing’s for darn sure: these definitely aren’t just great conversation-starters or a novelty perfect for presents or other uses, they really work: people have gone bananas over our banana holders!”
Adam from Cutters adds; “we can’t believe how popular they’ve been, customers love them! We also have similar tomato containers and lemon containers, but Kate just can’t get enough of these banana holders, she won’t stop modelling them! She keeps going-on about them all the time too!”

Call 020 8891 3944 with any banana holder or non-banana holder related enquiries. Cutters is open 8am til 7pm Mon-Sat, and 9am til 7pm Sun.