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Jay from Crown Classic Cars is climbing a mountain!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.42.45.png To raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital!

20% off at Brocca!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.40.55.png Get a discount on their Italian fare with the voucher here

The Crown of St Margarets

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.39.33.png Is ready to feed you a great Sunday Roast!


Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.39.23.png Who’s 1 year old today! Susan has some celebratory champagne from 3pm-7pm and wishes to thank all her customers and loyal regulars!

Summer's here

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.38.51.png and the time is right…for sprucing up your garden

Chase Buchanan come out rappin'!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.45.49.pngYou read that right! Read on for our local estate agents’ debut urban video!

The Training Works!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.38.05.png See for yourself…

Have you had a look in Gymboree, St Margarets?

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.37.55.png Find out what you’re missing…

Antique Boutique Vintage and Velvet

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.37.14.pngNot content with running the most interesting shop in St Margarets, Vintage and Velvet owner Amanda is also the woman responsible for organising the brilliant Crown Rd Community Fair! Thanks Amanda!

Armstrong's Family Butchers win again!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-20%20at%2000.10.00.pngIt’s official: Armstrongs have won the Borough’s Best Banger Competition for the 2nd year running!

We love Armstrong's Family Butchers!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.37.05.png read-on to learn more about the family behind our favourite suppers…

Nicky Adams: local photographer extraordinaire


Local photographer (and “Summer in My St Margarets” editor) Nicky Adams snapped all those great pics of the Crown Rd Community Fair! And she’ll photograph all your important people too…

What's new at Cutters, 28 Crown Road?

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.36.24.png Read on to find out…


Screen%20shot%202014-06-20%20at%2000.10.00.png This Sunday, 22nd June - 12 noon until 2pm at Twickenham Riverside’s Diamond Jubilee Gardens, with Armstrong’s Family Butcher’s defending their trophy!

Dolly Rock and CRUK

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.36.05.png Charitable soul Beth from local boutique Dolly Rock again sponsored the Cancer Research UK stall at this year’s Crown Rd Community Fair, helping local fundraiser Mary Regan raise over £800! Thanks Dolly rock!

Keep up-to-date wth Pilates Plus here

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.35.15.png Did you attend one of Pilates Plus’ brill’ music evenings during the St Margarets Music Festival? Watch this space for more news from the local pilates studio…

Calling all art-lovers!

10463975_685434001529605_4253533855442135861_n.jpg Would you like to get involved with ARThouse Open Studio Festival and exhibit some local art?

5 Years of Rock & Fairy!

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.34.53.png “Team Rock” from Rock & Fairy not only ran the Turk’s Head 10k this year… but they sponsored themselves to raise money for Homestart, (www.homestart.org.uk) Congratulations on 5 great years, Rock & Fairy, here’s to many more!

Thanks again to Fitz-Gibbon

Screen%20shot%202014-06-16%20at%2020.34.41.png for generously sponsoring the street entertainers at this year’s Crown Road Community Fair!

Don't forget that tomorrow's Father's Day!

We’ve been so busy fretting about the football tonight that we nearly forgot. You’ve got lots of options in St Margarets if you’ve left it to the last minute though…

Here's the latest news from Brula

Screen%20shot%202014-06-14%20at%2020.17.08.png Crown Road’s award-winning French Restaurant.

Here's the latest St Margarets Community Newsletter

Screen%20shot%202014-06-13%20at%2017.06.57.png D-Day dodgers, a 100 year-old choral society, changes to the A316 footbridge and more this week…


10325378_10152517515249721_3580292669599030438_n.jpg With just one more sleep until it all kicks off in Brazil, Cutters of 28 Crown Road (020 8891 3944) have all the flags, stickers and face paints you need to show your support for our boys in Brazil!

More exclusive pics and videos of the Fair here!

vandv.jpgThank you to our sponsors for making the Crown Road Community Fair on Sunday possible: Chase Buchanan, Fitz-Gibbon, RFU and LBRUT Council! And thank you to Amanda Wilkinson of Vintage and Velvet for organising it all! See some pics exclusive to this website by reading on.

There are big weekends and there are BIG weekends

FAIR%20POSTER.jpg and then there are weekends like this one… When St Margarets’ Crown Road Community Fair happens! Sunday (8/6/14) 11am - 6pm

The Week the War Broke Out

The Week the War Martyn Day

The Great War started twice. The first time was on Tuesday 28th July 1914 when, following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by a Serbian nationalist, Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia. The second time was a
week later, on Tuesday 4th August 1914, when Britain declared war against Germany after their refusal to respect the neutrality of Belgium.

Live Music Tonight (Thurs 5/6/14) at the Crown! Plus Late Night Shopping on Crown Rd

326x323xScreen%2CP20shot%2CP202014-01-18%2CP20at%2CP2021.11.51.png.pagespeed.ic.hE81MKBSB7.jpg James Deane is playing an acoustic set, and before that there’s late night shopping with live musical accompaniment on Crown Road!

Crown Rd is closed for the Crown Rd Community Fair this Sunday

preview.jpg Read on for details of the road closure

More events during the St Margarets Music Festival

10378309_739541809436740_6082418441521481708_n.jpgfrom the St Margarets Tavern and Pilates Plus on Wednesday evening…

The St Margarets Music Festival starts tonight!

10411317_670966849642936_667782490956751793_n.jpg and Pilates Plus are kicking things off from 6.30pm

The latest My St Margarets magazine is out now!

Watch this space for a complete digital copy, plus the unabridged version of Martyn Day’s article ‘The Week the War Broke Out’