Hey Everyone: We're Timeless!

In a recent blog post, the Crown Road Community Fair sponsors Chase Buchanan describe St Margarets as even beyond “timeless”:

“The word ‘timeless’ describes something that obtains a constant value and is not affected by time. Some may describe St Margarets as a timeless location, but that doesn’t quite cut it when considering the ever increasing demand for properties in the area. St Margarets is more like a wheel of continuous and growing popularity. Many St Margarets properties are sold and re-sold through Chase Buchanan several times over the years and we are in the privileged position of being able to watch these properties increase in value through time passing alone.

One of the most satisfying parts of our job is securing top prices for vendors who move onwards and upwards along the property ladder with more of a profit than they ever imagined and then, in time, watching the purchasers become our vendors and sell that same property for yet another unbelievable top price! And so the cycle continues…

Beaconsfield Road, Baronsfield Road, Hartington Road and Napoleon Road are all nestled enviably in the heart of the charming St Margarets Village, lined with a mixture of grand, Victorian family homes, terraced houses and converted apartments. The properties boast opulent Victorian charm with many period features including high ceilings, feature fireplaces and London stock bricks and are conveniently situated for many local schools as well as the train station which offers direct and regular access into Central London. Unsurprisingly, these properties are highly sought after and sell for top prices time and time again.

19 Beaconsfield Road has sold through Chase Buchanan 3 times, increasing in value from £645,000 to £1,335,000 over the course of eight years. Each time, the buyers paid top price and consequently sold it on for top price. This is just one example that shows properties in the area are beyond timeless. St Margarets’ properties are increasingly sought after and their ever-growing demand is consistently matched by their ever-growing price tag.

If you’re a vendor wondering about selling - how much profit could your property make you for your onward move? If you’re a purchaser considering buying in the area - how much will these properties be worth in the future?

We build and maintain strong relationships with both our vendors and our buyers and it is for this reason that we have so many properties bought and sold through us on multiple occasions!”

See the article on the Chase Buchanan website here