Crime prevention advice from Officer Venour

This just in from Officer Venour:

“Theft of and from motor vehicle crime has increased, specially keyless thefts. The suspects are using the readily available technology which can be obtained from the internet to steal prestige and specialist vehicles such as BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, Fords, Volkswagens, Range Rovers, Land Rovers and even Bentleys.

If the vehicle is parked under a street light, the suspects have been tampering with the light putting them in darkness so they can’t been seen. If you do notice your street lamps are not working please contact the Local Authority or ring 101 to let us know. The sooner we know the quicker we can arrange repairs and also map the problem and warn residents in that area to be extra vigilant and employ additional patrols.

We are stopping all these vehicles when we see them out on patrol and team officers had an excellent stop 2 nights ago and arrested 2 people in a Range Rover that had not yet been reported as stolen. An additional method of securing vehicles that we are suggesting is the ‘crooklock’ that goes on the steering wheel - although an extra thing to remember- it is an additional deterrent and may just put a thief off . If you own more than one vehicle, if possible, park the lesser value vehicle blocking the higher value vehicle on the driveway, making it more difficult to remove. Keep your car keys with you when you visit a petrol station or go shopping. Consider fitting anti-theft or after theft security systems.”