It's the weekend: Time to unwind

and Jo Dunbar-Lane of local apothecary Botanica Medica (24 Crown Road) can help you do just that, as she’s published an e-book: “Recovering from Stress, Burn Out and Fatigue”.


Stress can cause such a wide range of problems. In Part One, Jo outlines how stress affects your body systems, and clearly explains why stress can make people so unwell, sometimes for years. In these chapters Jo shows the reader how adrenal fatigue, reduced immunity, disrupted hormones, poor digestion and low thyroid function amongst many other symptoms, can be caused by long term stress.

Part Two offers clear guidelines towards recovery, including advice about diet and blood sugar control, dealing with Candida, restoring the immune system, rebalancing hormones, restoring the adrenal glands and energy using lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

In Part Three, Jo uses her experience with thousands of patients to offer practical tips on how to adjust your life so that you stay well. She wraps up the book by exploring our modern lifestyle - why many of us choose to live to stressfully, and how we might make more sustainable life choices.

It’s available now from the Botanica Medica website, here, where you can find out more about