Exciting news from Cutters, 28 Crown Road

Manager Kate is collaborating with Icelandic pop-star Björk!

The Scandinavian diva’s forthcoming single, “Searching for Essentials” features St Margarets local Kate on electric guitar, and she told us: “we’ve been talking about collaborating for quite a while, and I thought she meant she wanted to work Saturdays in the shop, but it turns out she wanted me to lay-down some major riffage on her new album, so I naturally said yes after I negotiated my pay”.


Come and quiz Kate about her off-beat Latin playing style, and what Bjork’s really like, from 8am-7pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-7pm Sundays. She can also help you find all your household essentials, DIY equipment, gifts and cards. Call 020 8288 21612 for more details.