St Margarets: Fighting Crime

St Margarets has fought-back against crime this week, resulting in the arrest of a known fraudster.

When a suspicious character was spotted by shopkeepers on Crown Road attempting to pass forged notes, they used the Traders Text Alert Service (TAS) - funded by the council’s Town Centre Opportunities Fund - to notify other businesses in the area. Using this service, one trader can quickly inform all members of the St Margarets Traders Association of any unlawful activity immediately via a group text message.

With everyone alerted to his presence, when the fraudster moved-on to another shop in St Margarets, their CCTV captured him.

Local PCSOs and police were able to use this footage to make an arrest.

Traders Association member Sangeeta said: “the TAS is very reassuring and, as this arrest shows, effective”. Fellow member Jag added that the “TAS has prevented a lot of crime”.”