Go behind the scenes with a St margarets icon...

bruce%20crop.jpg Friend. Dog. Miniature grizzly bear. Living doormat impersonator… However you know beloved St Margarets icon Bruce the Dog, get ready to learn more!

Bruce’s owners have started a diary of this special dog’s life and will publish it online shortly. Watch this space for more news, but til then here’s what Bruce has been up to recently…


It was such a hot day and Bruce is still carrying his thick winter fur, so the heat must be exhausting for him. We decided to take him to Black Pond in Esher for a swim. There are two things that really really matter in Bruce’s life - swimming in the river and food. Food first, definitely. As we walked towards the pond he must have been able to smell the water because suddenly his nose went up and his gait changed from a plod to quite an animated trot. Just before the pond is a black fetid swamp. Even though Bruce is a very obedient dog, however hard we yelled at him, he just lost control of his manners and rushed with gay abandon into the swamp.

In joy he spun around and around in the black mud trying to catch his tail. The most innocent and happy eyes shone back at us through the blackest muddiest face you have ever seen. He looked like the devils dog with angelic eyes. Luckily, as soon as he saw the deep clear waters of the pond he waggled his fat bottom into the water, and spent a wonderful 2 hours swimming, playing with the other dogs. It was like a doggie play park, dogs running in and out, catching sticks, Bruce gnawing on his stick, shaking his water all over the granny dozing on her chair.


Another hot night, so we took Bruce for a walk through Marble Hill Park to The White Swan on the river. The tide was up, and we sat on the grass with Pimms and pork scratchings, while he gently took the waters. Martin tossed him pork scratchings from time to time and they were a lovely little treat between dips.


Less good night. Martin washed Bruce and he decidedly disapproves of his new disgusting odour. Why wash all that lovely river water and ruin it with smelly shampoo? Not pleased, not pleased…”