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Food Phile - Pheasant and Raisin Ravioli

Pheasant and Raisin Ravioli

This was one of those times when the dish in question became the happier accidental cousin of the meal before. The pheasant was cooked as a tribute to the unforgettable River Cafe’s Rose Gray when she died in 2010. But pleasant as the original dish was, I don’t have wood fired oven in my kitchen, and I don’t have Rose’s magic in my finger tips. So having served the breasts according to the original recipe, I made this using the leg meat and carcass pickings from a large bird [a small whole bird will easily yield enough meat for two people]. I’m giving no precise measurements here other than to say that you should use 1 large egg for each 100g type 00 flour for your pasta dough. Beyond that it’s a case of let go and follow your instincts, they’re invariably right, as I’m sure Rose would agree…

Announcing the Opening of Dolly Rock

The St Margarets Traders Association is proud to announce the latest edition to St Margarets - Dolly Rock boutique at 14 Crown Road St Margarets.

Beth Huett & Nikki Kirsopp the boutiques owners say:

“With many years experience between us in the fashion industry covering design, retail management, personal shopping and styling. Our passion for fashion is from head to toe.

After creating many new wardrobes and seeing the excitement and new found confidence that clothes bring, we wanted to give the customer a new and unique way of shopping. So we decided to create Dolly Rock boutique, where you’ll find exclusive collections set in a relaxed and friendly environment incorporated with a private personal styling suite downstairs that gives you the opportunity to have the experience of one on one styling consultations.

So whatever your budget or occasion, if you are looking for a key Christmas piece or a new wardrobe to start the New Year, we are your girls.”

Come and find us at 14 Crown Road, St Margarets, Twickenham

Dolly Rock opens on Thursday 3rd November.

Neil Birkett from the traders association adds “We welcome Beth and Nikki to St Margarets, it is wonderful to have such a new and exciting business opening here.”

For more information about St Margarets businesses please contact traders@mystmargarets.com

Food Phile - Goat's Cheese Tart

Goat's Cheese Tart

In the latest edition of My St Margarets Magazine I wrote about remembering your summer holidays through food, and as Autumn’s tendrils start to twine through the thinning rays of October sunshine you may be tempted to do the same. You can read the full piece ‘Look back in hunger’ [and indeed the whole magazine] here but the viewer does require Flash, so for my iPad using readers I’ve reproduced the goat’s cheese tart recipe below…

Music at the St Margarets Christmas Fair

Singer at the Fair in 2010

Want to play at the Christmas Fair?

The 2011 St Margarets Christmas Fair takes place on Sunday 4th December in Crown Road. If you are interesting in showcasing your band or group at the fair please contact Alistair at livemusic@blueyonder.co.uk.

St Margarets Christmas Fair - 4 December 2011

Looking up Crown Road at the 2010 Christmas Fair

The St Margarets Traders Association is delighted to announce that this year’s St Margarets Christmas Fair will be held in Crown Road St Margarets on Sunday 4th December from 11am-5pm.

Please join us for a day of family fun and entertainment including: live music, mini fun fair, children’s entertainers, Santa in his Grotto, Side stalls, games and competitions, mulled wine, mince pies and traditional fayre and lot’s lot’s more.

Regular updates will be posted on the St Margarets community site www.stmgrts.org.uk and on the trader’s website www.mystmargarets.com

If you are interested in booking a stall please contact events@mystmargarets.com all other enquiries to traders@mystmargarets.com

Ideas and Images for the Christmas Edition of the My St Margarets Magazine

Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham

We might be in the middle of an Indian Summer but were busy compiling the Christmas Edition of the My St Margarets Magazine. Thank you to everyone that has submitted ideas and suggestion for content, we now need ideas for the front cover. Do you have a favourite photograph that would make a stunning cover for the Christmas edition? Please send your ideas to traders@mystmargarets.com Ideally in as higher res as possible please.

Food Phile - Coronation Potato Salad

Coronation Potato Salad

Who’d have thought we’d be wanting salad recipes in October? I’d planned to pack this away with the barbecue and pull them both out next summer, but the weather says otherwise…

It all began with the cucumber pickle. Susie’s cucumber pickle, which had recently arrived at the shop and which was so good that a meal had to be created around it. It would make a great accompaniment to burgers or other barbecued meats, but I plumped that day for poached salmon. And I love potato salad with poached salmon but wanted something with a bit more poke to stand up to that pickle. Coronation potato salad was the answer.

If you’ve ever made Chicken Elizabeth, the correct name of the dish devised for the coronation of Elizabeth II by the Cordon Bleu cookery school, you’ll know that it’s not bright turmeric yellow as we usually see now, but a purpley burgundy colour thanks to the reduction of red wine and apricot jam which is added to the mayonnaise. But having changed the principal ingredient from chicken to potato I’m sure you won’t mind if I take a few liberties with the rest!