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Buyers flock to St Margarets

Julia Green, from Churchills Estate Agents gives us an appraisal of the current property market in St Margarets. Please also see the new St Margarets property page for more information.

The market in St Margarets has been very strong so far this year with an increased number of buyers being tempted over the water from Richmond and surrounding areas. There is an evident draw to the village atmosphere and certain pockets have become extremely sought after. These include roads in the village such as St Stephens Gardens which has seen prices close to peak 2007 levels. We have completed sales on two six bedroom semi- detached family homes in St Stephens Gardens within the last month, only just below the highest price achieved in 2007 which was £1,740,000.

Food Phile - Pina Colada Ice-Cream

Pina Colada Ice-Cream

I recently ordered a Pina Colada in a chi-chi Kensington cafe at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon - I was in the mood for one, it happens! - only to be told, a tad too frostily I thought, that cocktails weren’t served before 6:00. We were celebrating for heaven’s sake, and the waitress seemed to be implying that I was some sort of lush. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the first time that such an accusation’s been lobbed in my general direction, but normally by people with whom my acquaintance extends to more than just the passing of a menu. A menu which, I hasten to add, mentioned nothing about this cocktail curfew.

Will You Accept Mayor Clare's Volunteer Challenge?

Mayor Clare Head

Borough Mayor Cllr Clare Head is spearheading a volunteer recruitment drive to encourage more people to give their time to support others in the community. The Mayor is encouraging people to sign up to work with local organisations and charities through Richmond Council for Voluntary Services or to help improve the area where they live through the borough council’s Community Resource Bank.

Cllr Head said:

“There are more than 800 voluntary groups in the borough already and thousands of local people give their time, expertise and support to them. These are fantastic organisations and we owe them so much. With a little nudge, even more could be done to help keep them providing the first rate services they run.

“This is the most community-minded borough in London, but it is true that while many of us think volunteering and supporting the community is a good idea, we don’t always get round to doing it. I hope that by chatting to people in the street at weekends and showing them the benefits, they will find the time.

“Whether you have a particular good cause you would like to do more for, or you want to do more for your local area, then there are ways to get involved. RCVS has for years done a tremendous job co-ordinating the charities, groups and support organisations we have here and I hope we shall be able to bolster the number of people on its books significantly. At the same time, the Council’s Community Resource Bank is the new way for people to get more directly involved in improving the area they live in. I’m sure there are many out there who can see the benefits of this.”

On Saturday, 3rd September the Mayor will be joined by representatives from the CRB and Richmond Council for Voluntary Services and will be giving out flyers asking people to think about what they could give in terms of time, knowledge, and resources, like computer work or driving. People will be able to say whether they would like to work with RCVS, the Community Resource Bank or both.

London Disorder Update


A dedicated webpage has gone live displaying the images of people the Metropolitan Police Services wants to speak to in connection with the serious disorder and violence that has been affecting parts of London.

In addition Flickr is hosting the same photos so that the public have as many opportunities as possible to help the MPS identify those who committed violent and criminal acts on London’s streets.

Ongoing Disorder in the London Area

Advice to the community from the Community & Police Partnership

Every member of the community can assist the police in helping to bring the recent spate of serious disorder in London to an end. Neither police nor communities can resolve the situation on their own: it is essential that we work together.

PLEASE read this advice and take such action as is open to you to put it into effect and pass it on as widely as possible to all your contacts, community centres, businesses, youth organisations, faith groups and anywhere else you feel it will help.

C Keep Calm
A Keep Alert
P Keep a Protective watch over children and young people
I Give any Information you have to the police
T Keep in Touch with all members of your community

Food Phile - Smoked Mackerel Pate x 2

Smoked Mackerel Pate x 2

By slavishly following post heart attack dietary advice for over twenty years my late father ate so much smoked mackerel that he came to loath it with a passion. But then my parents always treated even the most casual advice from someone with a white coat and stethoscope as something not to be simply heeded, but rather carved in tablets of stone and set upon an altar. Ironic then that when the family recently gathered at the home the of my eldest brother, for the sole purpose of relocating our dear departed parents’ mortal remains to a dedicated area of woodland in the Lancashire hills, that I should be treated to a lunch of smoked mackerel pate.

Angelina Buys Flowers at Streets and the Gossip Mags eat it up


Like any of is, last week Angelina Jolie stop in at Streets to buy a few flowers and some cards. Unlike most of us, she was followed by paparazzi who took loads of photos and sold them to the gossip magazines. Here are just a few we know about…