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Food Phile - The Full English Breakfast - On a Stick!

The Full English Breakfast - On a Stick!

OK, they might sound a tad unconventional at first, but I’m sharing one of my best kept secrets here, and after their first appearance I guarantee that you’ll be asked to make them again [and again…]

My “full English breakfast on a stick” was invented over a dozen years ago when I was asked to help cater the 30th birthday party of an old friend. His then partner (now wife) didn’t share his fondness for baked beans and I was tasked with devising a comestible Trojan horse to sneak them into the feast. Deciding that a canapĂ© can cover a multitude of sins I set about hatching my egg and beans plot, and now it’s become my drinks party must have. Besides, if a full English breakfast is such a good hangover cure, surely there must be some preventative benefit to be gained by eating one with your cocktails?

Observer Food Monthly Awards 2011 - Vote now!

Observer Food Monthly Award 2011

For anyone who loves our local food businesses - cafés, restaurants, pubs, and independent food retailers — the OFM awards are a great place to show your affection by voting for them and possibly seeing them scoop one of these prestigious prizes. The awards are some of the most sought after in the world of food, and you can help them to recognise some of your local St Margarets food heroes. The categories include:

  • Best restaurant
  • Best cheap eats (under £15 per head)
  • Best ethical restaurant
  • Best place to drink
  • Best Sunday lunch
  • Best independent local retailer (shop or online)

Perhaps one of these local food businesses is your own personal ‘best of’ and you think it’s time the world [well, the Observer reading world at least] knows about it?

Celebrate Orleans Infants Centenary at the Crown Road St Margarets Fair


Orleans Infants School are hoping to raise funds at the fair to help with their refurbishment project. The school are producing a 1911 themed programme and are looking for any local photographs of the era that could be included in their programme. If you can help please contact traders@mystmargarets.com and we’ll pass your details on to the school.


Sunday 12 June - 11am to 4pm.

A day for family fun and entertainment.

Live music from local bands including Today’s Heroes,
Friday Mistress, Speakeasy, Blue Flame Rockets, 3am
and Thinking for Tuesday.

Mini fun fair ~ Side Stalls ~ Face painting ~ Arts and crafts
stalls ~ Street entertainers ~ Great food ~ Traditional Punch &
Judy Shows ~ Children’s Magic Show and more!

As the event is also a celebration of Orleans Infants School Centenary year
- so expect some 1911 themed fun!

Food Phile - Pot Thai

Pot Thai

Perhaps it’s the unseasonably warm and sunny weather we’ve been enjoying of late, or maybe it’s got something to do with my having done two whole weeks of full-time work [I know, poor me!], but I’m yearning to get on a plane and head for distant shores. And with my own planned odyssey to explore the food of Indochina currently on indefinite hold it doesn’t help that you can’t turn on the TV at the moment without seeing a certain bum-chinned, potty-mouthed chef trampling all over South East Asia and its peoples and cuisines. Ah well, if departure lounges must remain a distant dream for now there’s nothing to stop me rustling up a mini-break from the comfort of my own kitchen.