Have you got your heart St Margarets Shopping bag?

1 St Margarets Shopping bag

Since its introduction, the ecologically friendly shopping bag has not been absent from the St Margarets’s shopping streets. Not only does the bag cleverly pay towards the beautiful Christmas street decorations and trees, making St Margarets local shopping all that more special, it also helps us St Margarets folk feel better about ourselves as we answer “no thanks” to those stores that continue to ask whether we would like a plastic bag to go along with our 2 purchased items…

“Plastic bag? - NO THANK YOU!” :)

The St Margarets heart shopping bag has gone from strength to strength and we are very proud to be in our second production of the bag. Literally thousands of happy St Margarets shoppers have their pride and joy by their backdoors, ready for their next local shop in St Margarets.

6 St Margarets Shopping bag

We are proud to keep it local. Do you shop with the heart?

We are also delighted to announce that our very unique local online shopping website www.mystmargarets-shopping.com provides the whole world with the chance of being able to purchase their own heart St Margarets shopping bag, so they too can shop with the heart, in their own local way.

We are so excited that the St Margarets shopping bag has been photographed the world over. We will be adding more photographs from around the world over the coming weeks, but below you can see the heart bag getting as far as Australia and Paris.

Do you have photographs of the St Margarets heart shopping bag from exotic locations across the world? Please email us your photos and we will be more than happy to publish them on this page and credit you!

Shop with the heart and let’s spread our heart globally…

Thank you to all those who have bought our bag and are spreading the St Margarets love…

Paris Bowral