My St Margarets Magazine - Comming Autumn 2010

Summer 2010 Magazine cover

The third edition of the St Margarets Magazine is coming soon!

In mid September the autumn edition of the My St.Margarets magazine will be released packed with all sorts of new information for the autumn season about your local business and the community. There are great reads to come so watch this space!

What to expect from the new issue?

  • Mr Brocklehurst Interviews local celebrities
  • Read the new chapter of life with the Brazen-Foxes!
  • More Food articles and tasty recipes to try out
  • Special celebration of Zorans 10th Anniversary
  • St Margarets Bespoke articles
  • Financial advices and help
  • New music page and a feature on the musical Crane
  • Fitness and health feature
  • News on the Summer Fair and Local Charities
  • Gardening and Kids gardening feature

…and much more!

If you would like to get hold of some My St.Margaret magazines outside of the St Margarets area, get in touch with the traders association to get details on your request:

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